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Talus Pay POS Features

Processing Your Credit Cards - Talus Pay POS Features Online Ordering

Talus Pay offers you the lowest rates in the industry when it comes to processing your credit cards.

Processing Your Credit Cards - Talus Pay POS Features

Lowest Industry Rates - Talus Pay POS Features LOWEST INDUSTRY RATES

Talus Pay is one of the nation’s leading merchant processor. This means that you will be able to get the most competitive credit card processing rates available. With the volume Talus Pay does in card processing, we have the edge in offering you the lowest rates. Backed with our rate guarantee, you can be assured that you will always have the best rates for your business. Need a free rate analysis? Contact Talus Pay today and we will let you know how much you can save!

No 3rd Party Processors - Talus Pay POS Features NO 3RD PARTY PROCESSORS

Talus Pay funds your Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards together in one deposit and reports all card types on one monthly statement. No more separate deposits and reporting!

Next Day Funding - Talus Pay POS Features NEXT-DAY FUNDING

Get true next day funding when choosing the Talus Pay POS as your point of sale of choice for your business!
No more waiting for your funds to be deposited to your account.

Customer Loyalty Program - Talus Pay POS Features Customer Loyalty Program

Reward your customers and build a repeat customer base by offering them rewards for purchases at your business. Using our loyalty and marketing platform will increase your revenue!

Loyalty and Marketing Platform - Talus Pay POS Features

Reward Your Customers - Talus Pay POS Features REWARD YOUR CUSTOMERS

Let our point of sale system build your companies value and your customer’s loyalty by rewarding them for choosing you over the competition with a unique gift and loyalty program.

No Cost for Program - Talus Pay POS Features NO COST FOR PROGRAM

Let us help you make your customers feel appreciated giving you a substantial competitive advantage – for free.

Dynamic Reports Sets - Talus Pay POS Features GENERATE REPEAT BUSINESS

Bring back customers to your business more frequently and build their loyalty to your brand.

Create your own custom loyalty programs - Talus Pay POS Features CREATE YOUR OWN CUSTOM PROGRAM

With the Talus Pay Point of Sale system, not only can you create your own custom loyalty programs for your soon to be returning customers but track the success of each promotion- all on your POS Dashboard.

We give you the power to design with our interactive menu builder - Talus Pay POS Features Menu Builder

Our menu builder gives you the flexibility you need to build your menu view the way you want to view it. Set categories for your different product types, specials, discounts and so much more. We give you the power to design with our interactive menu builder!

interactive menu builder - Talus Pay POS features

Flexibility to Create Your Menu Screen- Talus Pay POS Features ALLOWS YOU THE FLEXIBILITY TO CREATE YOUR MENU SCREEN

Simply create and customize your menu how you want it and where you want your item buttons. Talus Pay POS gives you the flexibility you need.

Drag and Drop Menu Builder - Talus Pay POS Features DRAG AND DROP MENU BUILDER

Arranging your items in seconds! Create your buttons on your Office Backend, drag and drop where you want them placed and then sync to your iPad.

Customize by Category - Talus Pay POS Features CUSTOMIZE BY CATEGORY

Create different menu pages for easy navigation of your items. Organize your retail products by category or for restaurants your breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. Our menu builder allows you to be as creative as you need to be to run your business with simplicity.

Easy to Use - Talus Pay POS Features EASY TO USE

We’ve designed our menu builder with one word in mind…simplicity. Simple setup, simple configuration, simple usability…simply beautiful.

Easy to use inventory management system - Talus Pay POS Features Inventory

Inventory is a breeze with our comprehensive yet easy to use inventory management system. Great for scanning in inventory too. Track anything and everything!

inventory management system - Talus Pay POS features

Import Inventory in Simple - Talus Pay POS Features IMPORT INVENTORY

Importing inventory is simple! We provide you with a template in which you can import newly received inventory or current inventory with ease. Import to single or multiple locations within minutes.

Easily Add New Inventory Items - Talus Pay POS Features EASILY ADD NEW INVENTORY ITEMS

Add new inventory items in seconds! Easily enter your item’s information and add new product to your inventory line. Add in new items with as little as the name and sales price or be more detailed with adding in more details to the item such as product cost, SKU codes, departments assigned to, categories assigned to, suppliers, order triggering per item, assigned locations for multi locations and so much more! We’ve designed a simple system that can track the complexities you need to manage your inventory.

Manage all of your suppliers in one central database - Talus Pay POS Features MANAGE SUPPLIERS

Manage all of your suppliers in one central database. Maintain, consolidate and update supplier information, codes and statuses accurately all at the touch of your fingertips. This not only cuts down on additional costs by not having multiple systems but allows you to quickly locate important information and build key relationships.

Easily Adjust Inventory Quantities - Talus Pay POS Features EASILY ADJUST INVENTORY QUANTITIES

Whether you need to add, subtract or set current inventory levels, the Talus Pay POS makes this simple to do for any of your items. View current quantities and submit bulk inventory adjustments easily through our import wizard.

Get Notifications - Talus Pay POS Features NOTIFICATIONS

Never forget to order important inventory items again! Set order triggers to have items automatically placed on your inventory reorder report. This allows for more automation in your business and less time trying to figure out what items need to be reordered.

Single and Multiple Item Modifiers - Talus Pay POS Features SINGLE AND MULTIPLE ITEM MODIFIERS

Setting up options for your items is simple! Whether needing to setup options for sizes, special toppings, dressing type for a salad, bread type for a sandwich, toppings for a pizza you can customize by using single or multiple modifiers. Setup modifiers for your items in seconds!

Track Time and Attendance - Talus Pay POS Features Track Time & Attendance

Manage your staff hours and schedules with our easy to use time and attendance system. Email staff schedules and even send out newsflashes with a touch of a button. Never lose track of hours again!

Manage your staff hours and schedules - Talus Pay POS features

Employees Clock In and Out - Talus Pay POS Features EMPLOYEES CLOCK IN AND OUT

No need for separate and pricey time and attendance systems. Have your employee’s clock in and out of their shifts using the Talus Pay POS digital time clock.

Track Employees Hours - Talus Pay POS Features TRACK EMPLOYEE HOURS ACCURATELY

Our time clock records your employee hours easily and accurately. Generate detailed reports, monitor your employee’s time and attendance remotely and give higher admin access to your managers. Don’t spend any more of your time on paper time cards and hours of calculation, or the high costs of other web clocks. Talus Pay POS offers this at no cost and to your benefit.

Simplify Payroll - Talus Pay POS Features SIMPLIFY PAYROLL

Processing payroll for one or several locations does not have to be difficult, frustrating or time consuming. With time and attendance reports available to you online, sending timesheets to your payroll processor takes seconds!

Create Staff Schedules and Emails - Talus Pay POS Features CREATE STAFF SCHEDULES AND EMAIL

Easily create your staff’s weekly schedules and email to all your employees with a click of a button. The Talus Pay POS scheduler streamlines your staff work schedules and keeps everyone in the loop even when updates are made to schedules with our email feature.

Add Newsflash messages to the staff - Talus Pay POS Features ADD NEWSFLASH MESSAGES TO STAFF

Keep your staff up-to-date with NewsFlash’s that post directly to the Talus Pay POS. Whether you are running staff sales promotions, customer specials, staff meeting times or just need to relay a message to your employees, you now have the capabilities to post these from your Office Backend!

Transactions POS - Talus Pay POS Features Transactions

Whether cash, credit card, gift card, or any other type of payment the Talus Pay POS will process it for you!

other type of payment the Talus Pay POS will process it for you - Talus Pay POS feature

Talus Pay POS allows you to accept all different payment types - Talus Pay POS Features ACCEPT ANY TYPE OF PAYMENT PROCESSING

Talus Pay POS allows you to accept all different payment types. Whether Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, checks, gift cards, EBT we have you covered. Processing has never been easier!

Easily Process Discounts on Items - Talus Pay POS Features EASILY PROCESS DISCOUNTS ON ITEMS

We offer dynamic discount capabilities for your items. Whether needing to discount a percentage or dollar amount on the whole sale, an individual item within the sale, or even an individual item plus a total discount of the whole sale, we offer you the capabilities to process these simply.

Scanning Items - Talus Pay POS Features SCAN ITEMS

Now you can ring up more sales faster than ever by scanning your products at the time of checkout. Reduced lines and faster checkouts make for happier customers. Let Talus Pay POS make your business more efficient.

Tip Processing - Talus Pay POS Features Tip Processing

Accepting and tracking tips with the Talus Pay POS is no problem! Whether at the point of sale or post checkout, Talus Pay POS makes accepting tips easy!

Talus Pay POS makes accepting tips easy! - Talus Pay POS Features

Accepting Tips is Easy - Talus Pay POS Features ACCEPTING TIPS IS EASY

Don’t lose out on tips! We make tip processing a breeze whether customer facing on the iPad at the time of checkout or adding a tip line on your receipt. Adjust and settle tips right through your Talus Pay POS then generate detailed tip reporting for precise pay to your staff.

Save Your Customer Data - Talus Pay POS Features Customer Data

Save your customer data and retrieve past order history and receipts in seconds. No need for your customers to keep receipts for returns. Market your existing customer base as well.

Save Your Customer Data - Talus Pay POS Features

Save Customer Information for Future - Talus Pay POS Features SAVE CUSTOMER INFORMATION FOR FUTURE PURCHASES

Having the most accurate customer data is crucial in operating your business. Talus Pay POS securely stores your customer data to quickly access your customer’s profile. We’ve simplified pulling up purchase history information, placing re-orders and processing customer returns by keeping it accessible on your Talus Pay POS. No more needing to rely on paper receipts!

Pull up customer profiles in seconds by phone number PULL UP CUSTOMER PROFILE BY PHONE NUMBER

Pull up customer profiles in seconds by phone number or email on file. Customer name shows on screen once pulled up so your staff can greet your customers by name and show them they are appreciated! What better way to earn customer appreciation & build lasting relationships.

Easily View Customers Rewards in their Profiles EASILY VIEW CUSTOMERS REWARDS IN THEIR PROFILE

Rewarded customers are raving customers and raving customers increase revenue. Keep track and view your customer’s loyalty points to let them know when they can claim their reward at the time of purchase. Digital punches & points earned for their next reward are easily displayed for viewing on your customer’s profile. Build customer loyalty by rewarding their purchases at your business and bring them back for repeat business and increased revenue! Offering the Talus Pay POS loyalty program will build your brand and generate extra revenue…and it’s FREE!

Create new marketing campaigns to your existing customer base - Talus Pay POS Features CREATE MARKETING CAMPAIGNS TO YOUR EXISTING CUSTOMER BASE

Create new marketing campaigns in minutes to promote your business. Email promotions, coupons, specials and so much more! Set email schedule dates and promotion start and end dates to customize specifically to your business. Market to all or particular customer lists based on your audience.

Market Segmentation - Talus Pay POS Features MARKET SEGMENTATION

Expand our marketing efforts by creating different promotions to market to different target audiences. Whether you want to reward most frequent visitors, offer special promotions to least frequent visitors, send out birthday specials or even target by zip code, the Talus Pay POS marketing program gives you the ability to market out your own personalized promotions to your customer base.

Marketing Analytics - Talus Pay POS Features MARKETING ANALYTICS

View data and analytics in seconds to see what your top selling items are, your top spending customers, top visiting customers, new customers and much more! Use data to analyze what products are successful and which customers to reward.

comprehensive reports and sales reporting - Talus Pay POS Features Reporting

View comprehensive reports and sales dashboards for a 360 degree view of your business. View your sales reports, employee activity reports, inventory reports and more at the touch of your fingertips!

Reporting - Talus Pay POS Features


Knowledge is key. The countless number of reports that are available with our POS System will increase your ability to make the best decisions for each and every aspect of your business. From which product is bringing in the most revenue to tracking employee performance, we will let you get to know your business inside and out. You will wonder how your business functioned before you had the Talus Pay POS

Dashboard 360 Degree View - Talus Pay POS Features DASHBOARD 360 DEGREE VIEW

Make confident decisions, engage with suppliers, build relationships with your customers, and manage your staff by having all of the information you could need, all in one place.

Allows You to Thoroughly Manage Your Business with a Touch of a Button ALLOWS YOU TO THOROUGHLY MANAGE YOUR BUSINESS WITH A TOUCH OF A BUTTON

Take your business to the next level & seamlessly move from entering an order or taking a payment on the front end,entering customer profile information to setting up a loyalty programs on the back end with ease.

Customized Receipt Builder - Talus Pay POS Features Receipt Builder

Build and customize your paper or emailed receipts. Add your logo, customize headers and footers and even show reward points. Customization has never been so simple!

Build and customize your paper or emailed receipts. Talus Pay POS Features

Customize Your Receipts - Talus Pay POS Features CUSTOMIZE YOUR RECEIPTS

Fully customize your paper and emailed receipts with your company name, logo, headers, footers and over 20 different options giving you full control over the look and feel of your receipts. Leave a lasting impression and inform your customers of specials, promotions & incentives to keep them coming back.

E-Receipts - Talus Pay POS Features E-RECEIPTS

Email your receipts and go green! Emailing your receipts is a great addition to your receipt printer, and for merchants who are on the go or purely wish to help the environment, simply email your receipts to your customers.

Customize your kitchen preparation tickets to your needs - Talus Pay POS Features KITCHEN TICKETS

For our restaurant and food service merchants, it’s important to get your easy-to-read orders to your kitchen at the touch of a button. Customize your kitchen preparation tickets to your needs! Get orders sent to your kitchen or barista faster than ever.

Multi Locations for your business - Talus Pay POS Features Multi Locations

With Talus Pay pos you can streamline your entire business with one easy to use, secure & convenient system.

Manage Multiple Locations - Talus Pay POS Features

Mange Multiple Locations - Talus Pay POS Features MANAGE MULTIPLE LOCATIONS

Expanding your business should only mean increased revenue not increased stress. We give you instant access to multiple locations with one login. Confidently make changes & implement rollouts across the board to all locations and not just one. With the ability to manage more than one location from one pos you can streamline your entire business with one easy to use, secure & convenient system.

Transfer Data and Inventory Between Locations TRANSFER DATA AND INVENTORY BETWEEN LOCATIONS

Save valuable time by no longer needing to have to separate inventory management systems or data software. Our POS system allows the centralization of the vital information you need to make your business run as efficient as possible and guarantee that you always have what you need on hand for your business. Quickly copy item descriptions, supplier data, transfer inventory or employee information from once location to another. Always be in control and aware of your incoming and outgoing products & be as profitable as possible.

Gift Cards - Talus Pay POS Features Gift Cards

More visibility. More loyalty. And more business for you.

Gift cards help you boost your brand’s visibility to drive sales higher than they’ve ever been before. They offer a risk-free way for new customers to try out your services—and give your loyal customers plenty of incentive to keep coming back.

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